Case management software for lawyers - bespoke and simple

With Casefee case management system, you get free easy access to forms and precedents templates and are able to perform multiple tasks from mobile devices such as unlimited client and case management, file access, file sharing, case tracking, case billing and lots more.
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Simple, Clean, & World Class Standard System

The Best billing and Case Management system made for Lawyers

Great and Simple Features

The simplest case work time recording and client billing system made for Lawyers

Record Clients

Casefee helps you manage your clients. You can create client accounts, update the account details and view your client information in various formats. It saves you time. It helps you easily monitor KPI with the services you provide to your clients. Casefee offers search, sort, filter, export and print capabilities for easy information retrieval, reporting and presentation

Case Management

Casefee helps you to easily categorise and capture client cases. You can have unlimited number of cases recorded against any client. Easily find a case using a case reference, client name or any information you hold on a case. Casefee keeps track of a case fee and the services provided. It generates reports showing fees charged on each case saving you cost

Record time in rocket speed

Record the number of minutes you spend on the phone or in a meeting with a client in rocket speed. Set your service charge per hour or per minute and Casefee works out the fee a client is charged based on the number of minutes you spend on their work, helping you bill your clients more accurately avoiding under-billing or over-billing. It’s a win-win with Casefee


Casefee enables you generate transaction report across every dashboard. You can print or export reports as PDF, CSV or XML. It is now very easy to generate a client's Bill, export the Bill to 3rd-party App or even send the Bill to the client or any other party for payment. Casefee offers you a very flexible, intuitive, efficient and cost-effective way to manage Legal Bills

24/7 Supports

Casefee is built to be used by both skilled and unskilled computer users. However, if you need help, have a question or run into any issue with Casefee, drop us an email with your contact details at [email protected] and we will get back to you - usually within a couple of minutes. We support our customers all through their smooth journey with Casefee


Finished with a client but don't want to delete the record or lose track of the case details? Want to display only recent records? Don't worry we got you covered. With Casefee you can archive your old records on every dashboard knowing you haven't lost them and concentrate on recent records. You can view and bring back an archived records by un-archiving it

Easy to use and customise

Casefee gives you the flexibility to customise your records as you would like. For instance, you can update your fees and view total time spent on projects.

Use on Mobile and Tablets

It's 2018, so why not? Casefee can be used on smart phones, tablets as well as PCs.

Easy to access Records

If you have lots of records, there is no need to scroll endlessly, you can search and filter records to get the desired result.

Accessibility Compliant

Casefee can be used by disabled people. It uses colour coding to visually portray the status of information it displays for easy understanding

About Casefee

Casefee was born out of the need to create something unique for lawyers to manage their clients, cases, case files, case work and track the time they spend on cases and bill clients accurately

As a lawyer, you want to be able to keep track of all your records, access your files on the move, set reminders for future work, events, meetings, appointments, bills and payment due dates so as to manage your business efficiently and keep track of your finances. Casefee helps you do these and much more

How it Works

It is easy to loose track of the number of hours you spend on a particular case. Why not let us help you

We help lawyers be more productive by concentrating on what they know how to do best while we take care of making sure they keep track of the time they spend on a client's work.

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Affordable Pricing

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Standard Plan

₦2,500 Per User/Month
(+ ₦275 Fee)
  • Case Management
  • View Case History
  • Manage Case Status
  • Manage Counsel in charge
  • Clients management
  • Manage Court Orders
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Yearly Customisation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Document Management
  • Internal Messaging

Enterprise Plan

Dial +2348103481521
  • Standard Plan Features
  • HR Management
  • Case Activities and Tasks
  • Case Files and Notes
  • View Case Logs
  • Audit Management
  • View Court Location
  • Finance Management
  • On-demand Customisation
  • Own Domain On-demand
  • Task Scheduling System
  • Clients' Existing System Integration

Productivity and Time Management

Take accountability seriously and watch your clients trust you!!

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