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Casefee is a case management tool born out of the need to create something unique for lawyers to manage their clients, cases, case files, case work and track the time they spend on cases and bill clients accurately
Yes, select the plan of your choice and subscribe.
Yes, you can share your login detail with another person but this leads to lag in logging and auditing as it would be difficult to track activities of individuals on the system.
Yes, but it is restricted to the Enterprise plan only and usually configured on request. Please, contact customer support for more information on this.
Yes, you can search for documents on casefee by the name of the document.
It last for eternity. However, you need to know that you will get limited features with the free plan.
No. But you can add it to your home screen
You will be downgraded, but not without been sent at least two reminders and warnings when you fail to renew your subscription.
Ensure you download and save your records before your account is downgraded. However, you can contact the customer support centre for help in the case that your account is downgraded before doing so.
Very secure as your information is being secured with a multi-layered security technology.
To upgrade to other plans, please click on the upgrade link or contact customer support via live chat, phone or email.
Yes, if you prefer that option of paying every month. However, you could decide to pay yearly or in the case of the enterprise plan, a one-off payment.
No, you cant't. Please, contact customer support if you are having issues with the payment.
You should contact customer support for further discussion on this.
To add new client and carry out other task on Casefee, please, watch the “how to” videos.
Casefee runs over https and supports various types of SSL Certificates. It employs intrusion detection mechanism to thwart cyber-attacks such as session hijacking, cross-site scripting etc. It supports 2-Factor Authentication.

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